Sand Mountain, Alabama    LAST UPDATED 1-7-2012
Albertville, Boaz, Center Point, Douglas,
and lots of beautiful, productive farmland on the Cumberland Plateau.

Home to good, hard-working folks including the related families of Dendy,
Davis, Hawk, Whitten, Carnes, Bohannon, Camp, Pullen, Beaty & others.
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 ¤ "Lots to be thankful for..." (from "Love will Last" page 1) --------------------------------------------- John Harvey Dendy --- JHD's  Letter,1946
 ¤ Reunions ("Love Will Last" pp 225-227) ----------------------------------------- Reunions 1894-2011   
Reunions 1894-2011
 ¤ Tallapoosa County AL, 1832-1880 (from "As I Remember" by Sallie Neighbors Graves) ---------------- T.D.Dendy family ~1872
 ¤ "To The Sand Mountain" ("As I Remember") --------------- The Pioneers through the years  
The Pioneers through the years  
 ¤ "It is not a mountain of sand" ("Love Will Last" pp 13-16, 203) ---------- Sand Mountain
                                                                                                                                                         Sand Mountain
 ¤ "Well I want to meet her..." (from "Love Will Last" pages 45-46) ----- Davis, Pullen, Draper 
                                                                                     Davis, Pullen, Draper
 ¤ "...'cause I'm going to marry her." ------------------- JH & Eugenia Davis Dendy Family
                                                                       JH & Eugenia Davis Dendy Family 
 ¤ "Too short to get back up on the mule" ("Love Will Last" pps 55-57) -- Arkansas  
 ¤ Back to the Mountain (from "Love Will Last" pages 57-61, 83-86) ----------------------------------------- The Center Point Place ----- JHD ledger page
 ¤ Mary Jo Thomas Nicoll (recorded 12/7/2011) -- Vespa & Hayden Thomas Family  
    Growing up in Douglas                                                                                             
Vespa & Hayden Thomas Family
    My Father Hayden       My Mother Vespa        My Brother Gene     Uncle Cecil    Aunt Vada
¤ "Ma'am, I'd like to see your underwear" (pp101-109) ---
Fred & Margaret Dendy Family
                                                                                              Fred & Margaret Dendy Family
 ¤ "She had him on his back by his ears..." (pp 110-116) -- Jep & Dove Dendy Family
                                                                                            Jep & Dove Dendy Family
 ¤ "Would you like to see my corn?" (pages 129-135) --- Vertis & Jerry Williams Family   
                                                                        Vertis & Jerry Williams Family
 ¤ Cow Poker & Teats (pages 204-5) ------------------- Cecil & Vada Camp Dendy Family
   Cecil & John at home in Klondike ~1953          
Cecil & Vada Camp Dendy Family     John on cow - & on Frank
 ¤ Another aspiring actor (from "Love Will Last" pages 137-145) --- Dan Dendy   
                                                                                                      Dan Dendy 
 ¤ Kelton & singing at 1993 Reunion ("Love Will Last" page 240) -- Kelton & Bonnie Dendy Family
                                                                                                   Kelton & Bonnie Dendy Family
 ¤ Featherbeds & Bacon (from "Love Will Last" pages 205-6 & 30) --- Camp Family   S. Avery & Frances Camp Family 1918 & 1928
 ¤ Laurens County SC ~1750-1830 ("Love Will Last" pp 233-235) --- From 1974/1993 trips
                                                                                    From 1974/1993 trips
 ¤ England (from "Love Will Last" pages 235-238) --- From 1996 trip   
                                                             From 1996 trip     
 ¤ A Promise Kept (from "Love Will Last" page 218) 

 ¤ World War II & Fishin' with Heroes      ¤ Radio Nights & Baseball        ¤ Front Porches          ¤ How to Talk  
                          Listen to 97-year-old Mary Ann Miller tell about moving to Sand Mountain in 1884
                                           (click link) ----->    Introduction            Mary Ann Miller (24 minutes)

Thanks to everyone who helped on "Love Will Last" , including:
       Julia Hawk Raines         T.J. Carnes          Edsel Whitten         Elizabeth Davis Morgan        Robt. O Johnson

The Letters, Memoirs & Stories of a Pioneer Sand Mountain Family
250 pages with 170 illustrations. 
Click "T of C" to see the Table of Contents.
150 copies were printed and there are 9 copies available.
If you want one ($25 including postage), click "contact"
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