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Other audio & video recordings, slideshows of more travel & business 
(Sperry, Hughes Helicopters, Aerospatiale), recipes, verse, links,
and whatever else comes to mind
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    1. Singing with Tuxedo Junction (video)
2. Flying the Apache
                            3. On the Demise of Oral Tradition

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Hughes Helicopters/McDonnell Douglas
        and Aerospatiale Helicopter Co. CLICKhttp://x.co/aHUm

    ¤ Sperry and various Hobbies CLICKhttp://x.co/aEzo
    ¤ Travel - Arctic & Antarctic CLICKhttp://x.co/aFxn
    ¤ Travel - Europe CLICKhttp://x.co/aIvN

    ¤ Travel - the Americas CLICKhttp://x.co/aIuj

¤ Amy's Hoofbeats Horse & Rider Training LLC, Carlsbad, CA 
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