Welcome to BeGruntled.info         LAST UPDATED 08-24-2012
        an evolving aggregation of oral history, photos, & memoir about:       
                        ¤ Growing up in the hills of North Alabama in the 1940s & '50s;
                        ¤ Living & traveling in the Great American West during the 1960s & beyond;
                        ¤ Some pioneer families of Sand Mountain, Alabama, including Dendy,
                                      Davis, Hawk, Whitten, Carnes, Camp, Bohannon, Beaty & others;
                        ¤ Memories of other special people, places & workplaces;
                        ¤ (plus a few good recipes and some bad verse).

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                                           The pictures below are also found on the other pages:
A: Gorgas School, Grades 3&4, 1943 ------ B: Gorgas School 1947 ------- C: Gorgas #1 Steam Plant ~ 1919
D: Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon N.P. -- E: East Rosebud Valley (Gordon Traweek painting) - F: Storm, Grand Canyon
G: Dendys & Davises, Center Point AL ~1910 - H: John H Dendy Family ~1916 - I: J H Dendy Reunion, Albertville AL 1963
J: Grilled Planked Salmon ------- K: Prototype Apache Flight Test, 1976 ------ L: Elephant Island, off Antarctica, 2004
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